Meet My Partners in "Finds"...


Indulge me with a quick proud mom moment ... 

These girls are as smart, fun and kind-hearted as they are beautiful!  Together, we always manage to score great finds...whether it's shopping, exploring a new travel destination, or just making everyday memories together.  You'll see them featured a lot in my blog because they're a huge part of my life and my heart (...and they have amazing style!) 

Katie (24) ...The Explorer

Katie makes a new friend at a Moroccan street market in southern Spain

Katie makes a new friend at a Moroccan street market in southern Spain

Katie is the girl who'll put her hair in a ponytail, throw on a backpack, download a travel app, and strike out for any part of the world she can get herself to - no itinerary required! 

She's the most like me in this way... we tend to make up our adventures as we go. Katie is possibly the most spontaneous and fiercely optimistic person I have ever known - no matter what life throws at her, she embraces it and turns it into an opportunity... and then a cool memory.  She's never met a stranger, and rarely goes straight from Point A to Point B...when we travel together, she and I always seem to wander off the beaten path.  She's rarely on time, but has taught me that the best adventures come from just being open to whatever each day holds in store for you, and expecting good things to follow...which they pretty much always do!

Christi (21) ...The Fashionista

Christi's signature casual-glam style  (Majorella romper, Jessica Simpson shoes)

Christi's signature casual-glam style  (Majorella romper, Jessica Simpson shoes)

Christi is the girl with a plan - and a kickass wardrobe to match!   

I'll NEVER forget the day her university issued a tornado warning.  They instructed students to immediately get to a protected room (like a bathroom) and hunker down til the danger had passed, only grabbing what was absolutely necessary.  Christi texted me a picture of herself curled up fully dressed in her bathtub...clutching a pair of Louboutins!  That's fashion commitment!  Christi knows what she likes, and she goes after it like a 'rat on a nacho' (I'm told she gets that from me...)  She's intuitive, smart, compassionate and the voice of reason when the rest of us Robinson women go off the emotional rails (it happens...)  To paraphrase Coco Chanel, Christi's my constant reminder to keep my head, heels and aspirations high! 

Kayla (19) ...The Go-Getter

A bit edgy... a bit vintage: Kayla's take on the LBD

A bit edgy... a bit vintage: Kayla's take on the LBD

Kayla is confidence personified. 

She's smart, beautiful, and self-assured enough to wear a ridiculous Sumo wrestler costume for Halloween when her girlfriends dress up as eye-candy Victorias Secret Angels... and to rock 4" heels on a regular basis, when she's already a statuesque 5'11".  Kayla is a model, but she's totally not hung up on her looks...she's hilarious, smart, and up for any adventure.   She's turned goofiness into an art form, and will crack you up one minute, and the next, challenge your intellect with esoteric social philosophy or a complex science or mathematics theory.  She keeps me on my toes, for sure.  Kayla is walking proof that the best way to live, is to genuinely be yourself!



Mom...Mommy....'Mee-maw' (I HATE that one!)...walking ATM, Advice-Dispenser...Hug-Giver...Chief Nag (hopefully not too often!)...Shopping Buddy...Travel Companion...Wardrobe Consultant...Boyfriend Evaluator...Life Coach...Pet Sitter ... Chauffeur... Housekeeper.... Writer...Sporadic Yoga Practitioner... Workout Warrior... Blogger...Jewelry Designer... Dreamer...Girl in :-)

And I Saved the Best for Last...



Smart. Sexy. Fun.  Best dad ever.  Triathlete.  Chief Photographer.  Faith Leader.  Best Friend.  Puts up with a houseful of estrogen. Adventurer. Provider. My biggest encourager. Greatest role model. Possibly the most patient man alive. Love of My Life... my best "Find" of all!