this is my blog about fashion and faraway places...


Hi, I'm Sue.

Life is a collection of stories...a series of relationships, events, twists and turns that shape us and allow us to leave our own imprint on the people and places we meet.  And, all my life I have been a story-teller, including 11 years as a TV news journalist.  So, a blog seems like the perfect place for me to share my stories in the aspects of life about which I'm especially passionate: travel and fashion.  I love it when others share their favorite discoveries & tips with me...and this is the place I'd like to pay it forward and share my top "finds" with you!

I have a pretty adventuresome family - an American diplomat husband who grew up in Japan and has been globe-trotting ever since, and 3 grown daughters who, like me, love exploring the world...and the world of fashion!  

So if you like good writing (my strong suit), photography (I'm learning) style (my girls and I are frequently told we have a knack) and seeing as much of the world as you can, I'd love for you to join me on this journey!  I hope you'll feel inspired to explore new places, and add creative dimensions to your own personal style. As I score new travel and fashion finds, I'll pass them along!  Feel free to leave a comment or follow me on social media!